“What do we do when a staff member leaves?”

What do we do when a staff member leaves?”
If you have been in business for a long time you will understand that no matter how good the environment, conditions or how well you look after your staff sooner or later they will move on.
So after the going away drinks, pat on the back of gratitude and wishing them the best for the future that is where our obligations end, right? Wrong!
When a staff member leaves it is imperative that your company takes appropriate action

Spam, spam, spam

Spam, spam, spam…. and not the good edible kind.

You open your mailbox on Monday morning ready to work, you let the mails roll in from over the weekend and then spend the next 20 minutes deleting the junk emails otherwise known as Spam.

“Have you tried turning it on and off again?”

So everyone knows the blanket response techs give when you ask them for assistance with computer issues. It usually goes along the lines of “Have you tried restarting?”

From the end user end it can sometimes come across as dismissive or a waste of your time, but the fact is that a great deal of minor technical issues can be fixed by a simple restart.

Don’t be so…..Slack

Let’s face it, email changed our life. It allowed communication to be fast(ish), efficient, location and device independent and costs next to nothing – it changed communication for ever.

Warranties, are they warranted…

The costs of maintaining equipment under warranty can add up and often to the point where it can be 50% of the purchase price of a replacement item…

Going, going….GONE

Going, going……GONE!!!

Of all the Windows operating systems Windows 7 will be known as one of, if not the best.
It is clean, fast, stable and a breeze to manage for IT administrators.
Sadly though all good things must come to an end and the end is fast approaching…..